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Hours of Operation: Mon - Fri 8:00am - 8:00pm

Welcome to Jennen Services - a small company with exceptional abilities serving Central Arkansas.

We service mostly residential customers but more than capable working with contractors on small commercial jobs as well.

We are fully insured and will provide proof of coverage upon request.

Give us a call to show you what we can do!

Services provided.


  • Contruction footings dug
  • Water or sewer line trenched
  • Other common dirt excavation completed 


  • Gravel delivered and spread
  • Dirt, sand, or rock delivered and spread
  • Concrete or asphalt pad removed

Brush / Land Clearing

  • Brush hogging
  • Brush removal
  • Tree removal
  • Stump removal

Debris Removal

  • Brush pile or other debris that needs to be removed,  or condensed
  • Scrap metal removal
  • Junk removal

Fence Building

  • Build or Repair
  • Wooden privacy
  • Chain link
  • Barb wire

Equipment available 


We have a  Kubota U-35 excavator with angle blade and hydraulic thumb ready to dig your footings, dig a trench for your water or sewer line, remove trees, debris, etc.  We have both a 12" and 24" trenching bucket.

Skid Steer 

We have a Catepillar 257D track loader with various attachments capable of spreading gravel, sand, dirt,  mulch; pulling trees,  clearing brush and removing debris.  


We have a Kubota M7060 74hp  with front loader and 7ft heavy duty 4" Brush Cutter, 7 1/2 ft heavy duty 24" disc and a 6ft heavy duty grader blade.  We provide brush hogging services,  create food plots, etc.


We have various trailers available to handle the delivery of gravel, dirt, sand, rock or mulch or the removal of debris from your property.


We have several attachments for both the Skid Steer and Tractor.  One of the more unusual attachments is the Tree Puller.  This attachment connects to our Skid Steer and is basically a large set of jaws that will grab a tree, brush, etc. for complete removal, roots included.

Fee Schedule 


  • $65 to $100 per hour
  • Please contact us for a free quote for your specific needs.

Skid Steer 

  • $50 to $100 per hour
  • Please contact us for a free quote for your specific needs.  


  • $40 to $75 per hour
  •   Please contact us for a free quote for your specific needs.


Cost to deliver dirt, gravel, sand, rock or mulch will depend on the  volume and distance.  Please contact us for a free quote for your specific needs.

Fence Building

Please contact us for a free quote to build your custom fence.

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Call or email us with any questions you may have.

We welcome the opportunity to discuss and quote your needs

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Jennen Services - Home